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About Us - We bring over 25 years of ethical mortgage lending experience and education to you.

Our team of mortgage specialists focus on helping you use unique mortgage strategies and programs to increase your savings and reduce your debt.

Unlike most mortgage websites we DO NOT sell your information to multiple companies.

Welcome to

Home of the Automatic Rate Cut Loan™ & the ArcLoan Mortgage Management Program™

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Since 1993, ArcLoan has educated consumers across the United States on mortgage strategies and programs.

Our goal is simple - to help homeowners and potential homeowners take advantage of interest rate cycles, and mortgage management techniques to help them increase savings and reduce debt.

Our Mortgage Management Strategies™ have been endorsed by national consumer advocates, financial planners, accountants, insurance professionals, attorneys and, most importantly, homeowners.

Our professional Mortgage Educators are ready to provide you with a No Obligation mortgage analysis which could save you thousands of dollars!

Important News ! Mortgage Rates Are RISING !

There Are Still Great Strategies to SAVE

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Mortgage Rates are RISING again ! Take action quickly.

From a historical perspective rates are STILL EXCELLENT. There is still time to see how this can help you.

Take 10 minutes to
Contact Us for a quick "mortgage check-up" and see how you may benefit.

Rates for FHA & VA mortgages are even lower!

There are a number of ways you could be saving money on your current mortgage or when BUYING a new home !

There is GOOD NEWS to take advantage of which could help increase your savings & reduce your debt. Home values have been increasing in most areas allowing many homeowners to refinance!

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These Change - So please check back in periodically

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Do You Have an ARM or a 30 Yr. Fixed Rate OVER 4.25% ?

Mortgage rates are currently rising. Take action NOW to lock in the best rates.

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Do You Have an FHA Mortgage ?

If you do this January, 2015 Federal Announcement is Amazing News For You and could save you significantly for No Closing Costs!

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Do You Have an VA Mortgage ?

As a veteran, or active duty member of our Armed Forces, you are eligible to participate in possibly the greatest refinance available – the VA Refinance.
VA Rates are even LOWER than Conventional Mortgages !

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Do You Currently Pay Mortgage Insurance ?

Home values have gone up in most areas. You may be able to refinance and eliminate your mortgage insurance.

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Why Choose Us ?

Our Reputation:
Relationship Based
NOT One Time Sale Based

Our Endorsements from Consumer Advocates:

Jordan Goodman
America’s Money Answers Man

Debbie Gregory - President

Gary Foreman - President
The Dollar Stretcher - Living Better for Less

Our Lenders:
We only work with:
Direct “in-house” Lenders
Not Brokers
Lending in all 50 states
Conventional, FHA, and VA

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- Jordan E. Goodman, America's Money Answers Man and author of 11 books on personal finance including Everyone's Money Book on Real Estate

"In the 30 years I have covered personal financial issues, the ArcLoan is the most innovative and consumer-oriented product I have ever seen. While most borrowers are suffering with mortgage payments that keep going up, ArcLoan borrowers aren't affected by rising rates and benefit when rates fall. In my case, my ArcLoan fell from the original rate of 7 3/4% to 3 3/4% in six steps over 3 years, and it will never rise from that level."