If you are currently considering refinancing a property, the best 1st step you can take is to be proactive, contact us today, and evaluate your options.

How We Can Help:

Interest rates go in cycles, and they often take significant 'dips' even when they are rising. Knowing where the market is when refinancing is critical. So is comparing your options! Through ArcLoan our mortgage educators will take the time to help you evaluate your options - and to know the impact of paying closing costs! Taking advantage of falling interest rates, consolidating debt, whatever the reason may be - making the right choices with your financing can cost you, or save you thousands!

How We Are Different:

Many mortgage companies aim for a '1 time transaction.' Their goal is simply to make a sale and move on.

The ArcLoan goal is different. Our goal is to help you now AND in the future. If we can help you now - we want your business. If we can not help you now we want to Point The Way and hopefully help you in the future.

The mortgage crisis has caused a number of significant changes in our industry. Unfortunately that means that we will not be able to help many people for a variety of reasons. Underwriting guidelines have tightened, many mortgage programs have been discontinued, and property values have declined in many areas. Through ArcLoans mortgage partner all traditional mortgage options are available including FHA, VA, and Conventional programs at competitive rates.

The ArcLoan difference is that we will be Honest, Ethical, and service oriented rather than sales oriented.

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